A Fat Chance

I suffer from intestinal lymphangiectasia, an extremely rare disorder which gave me a chance to change my life. A fat chance.

Location: Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Medical student (Psychiatry), online and face-to-face facilitation, CoP practitioner, writer for and about mental illness (mainly in psychiatric rehabilitation, volunteerism and ICT) but also facilitation nonprofit and CoPs, person with mental illness in recovery.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bug #3

Whatever the bug, it hits me hard.

This is actually my third bug since the beginning of the year. I got one in New York City, one in London and another one in Pisa, I gather.

This one had given me headache, muscular pain, upset my stomach, diarrhea, cramps, sore throat. It must be an Adenovirus.

I'll go to my physician to see if I can get some IV. I still can't eat (in 24 hours I had 6 spoons of steamed rice, 2 3oz can of applesauce, 1 small leaf of carasau bread) but I did start drinking, thank God, because I was afraid to have kidney stones again, given the dehydratation.

I'm in pain, can't eat, and I see no quick solution.



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