A Fat Chance

I suffer from intestinal lymphangiectasia, an extremely rare disorder which gave me a chance to change my life. A fat chance.

Location: Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

Medical student (Psychiatry), online and face-to-face facilitation, CoP practitioner, writer for and about mental illness (mainly in psychiatric rehabilitation, volunteerism and ICT) but also facilitation nonprofit and CoPs, person with mental illness in recovery.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enough is enough


Still thinking we IL people should drink dead milk y'all?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rosanna,

have you tried the probiotic called Zir FOS available in Italy? I think it is the best available for digestive problems. It is similar to Activia and Align (both bifidus species).

9:28 PM  

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